120 Hr Certificate of Completion

The Center for Reflexology & the Healing Arts offers a 120 hour Certificate of Completion Program in Foot Reflexology. The curriculum is structured to include both in class hands on instruction and home study assignments.

  • Our Spring Program Begins March 22, 2024
  • $200 OFF Tuition When You Register by March 7,2024!

You can also register for the Enroll Anytime Program that allows you to start the 120 Hour Certificate of Completion Program in Foot Reflexology anytime throughout the year. As an instructor with over 25 years of experience, I specialize in creating flexible program schedules that fit with your lifestyle, and a curriculum that builds on your previous education and professional experience.

35 HR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION PROGRAM IN HAND & EAR REFLEXOLOGY Looking for training in Hand and Ear Reflexology? The Center offers a 35 Hour Hand and Ear Reflexology Program too! To qualify for enrollment, you must complete our 120 Hour Certificate of Completion Program in Foot Reflexology or show proof of equivalent training from a qualified instructor.

For more information, please call or email the instructor Alexandra Seymour ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) Certified Reflexologist with over 25 years of experience as a Reflexology educator. (707)822-5395 as@reflexologyinstruction.com

Tuition & Payment Options

Early Registration Discount Available!

Register & Pay in Full by March 7,2024        $2000 ($200 OFF!)

Register & Pay in Full March 8 – March 22   $2200.00

Enroll Anytime Program Tuition                    $2200.00

We also offer monthly payment options. Please note that with this option we are not able to offer discounts, and all payments must be completed by halfway through the program.

Program Includes

  • Reflexology history, theory and scientific premise.
  • American Reflexology foot reflex locations and comparison chart analysis.
  • American Reflexology professional pressure techniques, as well as variations for maximum efficacy, and ergonomic comfort of the practitioner.
  • Skeletal, muscular and nerve anatomy of the foot and leg.
  • Reflexology applications for general health, stress reduction and wellness.
  • Contraindications: Knowing when it is not safe to apply reflexology
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the entire body with an emphasis on systems relationships and homeostasis.
  • Homeostatic imbalance as the foundation for poor health and illness.
  • Overlapping views and applications of Asian Medicine and Reflexology.
  • Supervised clinical/apprenticeship with instructor.
  • Professional business ethics, standards and common licensing requirements.
  • Tracking client progress through documentation and charting.
  • Practitioner ergonomics and self care.

Refund Policy

If you have registered and paid but are not able to start the program, you may stay registered and elect to choose a new start date at no extra cost. The new start date must be within three months of the original start date. Alternatively, you may receive a full refund minus a $150 processing fee. Notice of your inability to start must be made 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date.

Completing The Program

You must complete all instruction and curriculum by the program end date. If you are not able to complete the program due to life circumstances you may elect to extend the program for a period of 3 months. Extensions are granted for a period of three months in length for a fee of $495.